Cloudkicker has released new music! Look into "Little Histories". The 6 track release is now available as a 10″ vinyl. And in the typical Cloudkicking fashion, the EP is also available for a "name your price" download here on Bandcamp!

The music is fascinating, showing yet another branch of Cloudkicker's eclectic, yet consistent delivery. It's definitely recommended that music lovers and prog heads, far and wide, give this a listen. Go ahead and give her the old one, two.

Here's the tracklisting.

01 – “Parliament“
02 – “Sky Guide“
03 – “Chameleon“
04 – “Digital Lightning“
05 – “Hassan“
06 – “Signal/Noise” (digital bonus track)

Also, be sure to check out Cloudkicker's collaborative Live Album with Intronaut. More on that HERE!


 Cloudkicker: Facebook // Bandcamp