I just stumbled upon this gem thanks to Bandcamp. Dying Humanity is really just an excellent band claiming home in Chemnitz, Germany. Their sound makes several musical sounds and ideas and squashes them together into music that is both heavily abrasive and melodically uplifting. To be a tad more specific, they combine elements of Death Metal, Melodeath, Thrash, Technicaliy, and a few more odds and ends. The results in some impressive material to say the very least.

They've released a total of three albums during their 8 year run as a band. 2 of which are available for a "name your price" download on Bandcamp! In particular, I just listened to "Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle" in it's entirety and really enjoyed every minute of it. I also just began listening to 2007's "Fallen Paradise" which a solid album as well. I highly recommend you check these records out along with their newest album, "Living On The Razor's Edge". There's a whole lotta great material here just waiting for ears. Show Dying Humanity your support if you enjoy the fruits of their labor!


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