Here's one jaw dropper of an atmospheric black metal split. Two great minds fall like towers crashing upon the listener. Mare Cognitum and Spectral Lore write separately, respectively on the tracks "Sol Ouroboros" and "Sol Medius", then together on the finale, "Red Giant". This is the album "Sol" and it's quite literally out of this world. The three installments all cover a good bit of musical ground, spanning over an hour run collectively.

The whole split is available for streaming through Bandcamp. You can also grab the greatness for the price of your choosing – one helluva deal considering the sheer quality and quantity present here. These hardworking artists deserve some support \m/

On that note, I highly recommend you also check out the latest releases by both of these artists – Spectral Lore's album "III" and Mare Cognitum's "Phobos Monolith". That's the good shit.


Mare Cognitum: Facebook // Bandcamp

Spectral Lore: Facebook // Bandcamp