Fans of pulverizing Deathcore, rejoice! The Floridan monsters known as King Conquer will return to crush your hearing apparatus once again. This was not an easy move from the looks of it as they booted guitarist John Byrd in the process. You can take a look at the bands statement and try to hold some heaviness with your hears below.

"We wanted to make something very clear in regards to John Byrd.

"John Byrd is not, and will NEVER ever be back in King Conquer. He took all of the members of the band off this Facebook page and sold merch to countless amounts of people and just took their money for himself and never sent the merch out to them. Then after people complained about it he deleted the page. We finally got the page back not too long ago and got him off of it. We are beyond sorry for what he did but it was completely out of our hands since we had no idea he was doing this.

"To everyone who got ripped off by John Byrd, we will be coming up with something to give back to you. We feel terrible about what he did and we want to make things right with everyone who did not get what they paid for. Once we have this figured out, we will post about it for you to email us and get it all straightened out.

"We are happy to say that the page is back and that we are working on a new EP and a possible tour in the late summer of 2015. We do still have merchandise for sale on AND if you'd like to buy any.

"King Conquer is James Patrick Mislow (vocals), Chris Whited (drums/vocals), Adam Michael McNee Whited (Bass), and Derick Caperton (guitar)."

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