If you're ever walking alone at night and hear a falsetto… run.

Opera singers can break a glass with their voice. King Diamond can break an opera singer with his voice.

King Diamond makes satan pay rent.

King Diamond likes his coffee black.

King Diamond likes bath salts.

King Diamond likes his coffee black with bath salts.

King Diamond is so metal, he rusts in the shower.

King Diamond has to take blood baths.

King Diamond and Rob Halford once had a duel. It's the #1 cause for hearing loss in Europe.

There's a black phone in the oval office. King Diamond doesn't answer.

King Diamond's voice sunk the Titanic.

King Diamond's range is the top of the world.

King Diamond prefers his steak bloody as fuck.

King Diamond owns the world's only 6 star restaurant.

They serve dodo.

Afterwards, King Diamond eats beer and pisses razors.

King Diamond once mistakened Hot Topic for the toilet. No one survived.

King Diamond dropped acid once. The chemicals wanted the fuck out.

King Diamond lights his cigars without a flame.

King Diamond ate Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

King Diamond is the #1 cause for global warming.

King Diamond would hit the red button.

King Diamond invented yoga pants. Thank fuck for that one.

King Diamond. Not even once.

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