It turns out Morbid Angel will officially be working on a new album starting very soon. They'll be directly focused on this endeavor next year. In an interview with Planetmosh, frontman and bassist David Vincent had the following to say:

“Whatever it ends up being is whatever it ends up being. We’re not really a traditional band; we sort of follow our own path. And it is what it is. I mean, it’s always been that way with this band. Most of our records sound different than everything that’s ever been out there, and… good. I don’t wanna sound like everybody else. I’m not very good at being anybody else, but I’m pretty good at being me. So I’ll stick with what I know.”

The reaction from the metal community at large has been, "Welp, hope it's better than the last album." Though I'd personally say with all the talent and drive in Morbid Angel, they should be able to learn from their mistakes and pull off something noteworthy as they have in the past. I say this especially after witnessing their haunting set at this years Summer Slaughter!

While we wait for more on Morbid Angel, here's some "Altars of Madness" to keep you going:

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