Ritual Killer (featuring current / past members of Goatwhore) is a raw Black Metal band looking to add chaos to your life. They were just picked up by Season of Mist to further their career. Here's the official press release:

Season of Mist is proud to announce the signing of the New Orleans-based black metal outfit RITUAL KILLER. RITUAL KILLER will release their forthcoming album with Season of Mist in 2015.

Founded in 1999, RITUAL KILLER has built a reputation as one of the most extreme North American black metal bands. The band features current and former members of GOATWHORE, ACID BATH, and more in their ranks, and have played select shows around the south with bands such as WATAIN, OUTLAW ORDER, EYEHATEGOD, BURIED INSIDE, and more.

Regarding the signing, RITUAL KILLER vocalist Jordan Barlow comments: "We are proud of our forthcoming album "Exterminance", and are excited to be involved with Season of Mist now and in the future. It has been a long time coming – finally the outlet for our darker sides is ready to see the light of day

Links: Facebook // Season Of Mist