Slechtvalk is a Dutch black metal band with a story to tell. Since starting as a one-man project, this band has been releasing concept albums about a fantasy world created by Shamgar, the current guitarist and vocalist. They play a melodic form of black metal fused with folk metal creating a genre some metalheads title "Viking Metal." Anyone who loves black metal bands that speak of lore of legends and war, will definitely want to pre-order their new album!

Right now, they are gathering funds for their next album, set to be released November of next year. Click the link RIGHT HERE to learn more about their new album and consider contributing! Note that if they receive 130% funding, they could release a digi-book with a 15-25 page Silmarillion like background story to the lyrics, which is something I would personally enjoy purchasing.

Links: Facebook // iTunes // Merch //   Crowdfunding