My sci-fi nerd senses immediately began tingling when I saw the Elite: Dangerous-esque cover for Aspherium's new album, "The Fall of Therenia". This excitement was only furthered when the listener was promised "an epic sci-fi concept album that takes you on a progressive death metal journey." So with that, I jumped head first into the vacuum of space… and somehow, magically, survived the experience.

And what an experience it proved to be! This album is rock solid from front to back. This Norwegian space program brings together the finer elements of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, and ambiance into one unholy matrimony. This is all while bringing you on a conceptual journey through the unknown. And believe me, it's a journey worth taking.

As luck would have it, the entirety of "The Fall of Therenia" is live and streaming on the band's official Bandcamp page. Give it a go and show some love!


Links: Facebook // Official Website //   Bandcamp