Dearest Corelia fans,

The time has come – we have wrapped up the writing phase and are completely finished laying out our debut full-length album; fine-tuned down to every last detail. This is as comprehensive of a debut record as we could possibly conceive, as we've spent the past few years relentlessly and obsessively crafting all of its music. The end result is an album that reaches just beyond ninety minutes in length and will span two discs. Yes, you read that correctly; a 90-minute double-disc album.

Some people may be shocked to read of this news and be wondering to themselves, "Why? Why would they choose to wait so long to release new music, and why so much of it at once? Are they out of their fucking minds?!". Well… maybe! But the answer is quite simple, really: we wanted our debut LP to be something truly special, not only for ourselves, but from the standpoint that it would be so epic that it would ingrain itself in the minds of its listeners for years to come. We had no substantial following prior to 'Nostalgia' being released, and no real conception that it was going to be as acclaimed or as successful as it was; all the hype surrounding us was based around our music being imaginative, emotionally provocative, and well crafted. It amazed us to see that so many authentic music fans were considering us to be one of their favorite bands and were expressing as much passion as they were after only hearing a 30-minute Corelia EP.

We saw no substantial reason to rush out a debut LP or to subscribe to the label industry trend of releasing a persistent stream of albums when it was obvious to us that all future success of our band was going to be based around releasing records that live up to the highest quality of our artistic standards. We care very deeply about our vision and the music we create, and were thus intent on being veritably conscientious about our approach towards releasing new, evolved material with the understanding that it would undoubtedly spread on a much vaster scale upon a much more widely established foundation. So, we were determined to have our first full-length album be one with meaningful significance.

All that is left for us to do now is to enter the studio, record the material with some professionals backing us, and have the new album released as soon as logistically possible. We have a solid chunk of investment that we'll be needing for this release already saved up, but as an independent band, we welcome the support of our fans to invest in the recording, mixing, mastering of the album, visual artist payment, and manufacturing costs. Each contribution will be put towards making this release as great as possible. Virtually all revenue generated by Corelia up to this point has been reinvested back into the band, and any gains from this campaign that aren't directly allocated towards the creation of the album will be further used to advance our vision by way of funding music videos. Music videos can be expensive, and you basically get what you pay for. We have yet to delve into that realm of experimentation with our music, but are very eager to and already have many ideas in mind that we feel will elevate our music to a new level and bring the imagination behind our creativity to life.

Investing in this campaign should be fundamentally viewed as advanced pre-ordering, meaning that all customers will be gratified with a digital download of the album upon its release in conjunction with – or without – a variety of other perks and incentives of the investor's choice. This method of business effectively negates the need for us to be bound to or indebted to any outside entities in having the cost of our album funded, with the kicker being that its investors have faith that what they're paying for will be of desired quality. And let's be honest here – did you guys and gals ever really doubt us?

To wrap things up, a huge thank you is befitting to all of our patient friends, fans, and family members out there for sticking by us while we silently devoted our beings to this album. Truly, we thank you. We are very confident that the large majority of you will be thrilled with what we've been up to and with what we have prepared for your sonic enjoyment in the not-so-distant future.


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