Entities have a new album on the way as you may have heard. Though, unfortunately, they've revealed that they have to push the album release date back once again, in order to deliver a complete and properly refined work with the mix/master quality it deserves. The new album release is still pretty close as the new release date is January 15th.

On the other hand, the band officially released a new song on January 2nd (previously supposed to be the album release date) with a guest appearance from Modern Day Babylon's composer and mastermind Thomas Raclavsky. The song is called "Spirits" and it features all the awesome things you'd expect to hear from an Entities release – massive sounds and riffs surrounded by dreamlike atmospheres and melodies.

The band previously released another new song called "Esuna" with guest appearance from Molotov Solution's Nick Arthur. Check out both songs below and expect big things from this new release.


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