There was a knife attack at the Cattle Decapitation show last night at the La Habra 300 Bowl (aka the 13th Frame Lounge) in La Habra, CA. Two attendees were hospitalized and a number of stories have risen. Initial reports state that a man wasn't able to handle the mosh pit and retaliated in the worst way possible, slashing at the concert goers with a knife. The pit swiftly took counteraction, beating the attacker unconscious. It's a shame to see someone so weak willed tarnishing our community. If you feel the need to bring weapons and violence to place of brotherhood, music, and elation, you are weak. More importantly, you are not welcome.

On a more positive note, our own TCP member, The Vociferator, was at the previous show and took a video of one of their new songs if you wish to hear what's incoming:

Here's what Cattle Decapitation said of the situation:

Yeah, shit got crazy last night at our La Habra gig, we hope everyone involved is ok… We continue our mini-tour tonight in LAS VEGAS, NV at TheDive Bar!!! But please, whatever you do…. LEAVE THE WEAPONS AT HOME. Thanks.

Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez was in attendance and stated the following:

I arrived and so did 7 police cars an ambulance and a fire truck. Someone got stabbed in the neck… Took that decapitation too far…

Another concertgoer named Jesse Goytia stated the following:

"Ok so for those of you that don't know Yes some one got sliced not stabbed at the Cattle D show. The guy that got sliced apparently hit a female who tried to hit him (or did hit him). Females boyfriend sliced the dude that hit her everyone jumped on the guy with the knife and I may have broke the dudes finger taking the knife from him. I was called a hero (I think jokingly) but the cops didn't see it that way. For those of you that didn't realize that was me in cuffs leaned up against Cattle Decapitation trailer. In my opinion both guys are idiots Cattles set got cut by 5 songs and that spot might lose their live entertainment permit. HEY ASSHOLES LEAVE THE WEAPONS AT HOME, DONT HIT FEMALES, AND LADYS IM SORRY BUT STOP TRYING TO FIGHT YOUR MANS BATTLES."

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