Hailing from my hometown and the place I had originally learned to love music, Allentown, Pennsylvania, emerges an up-and-coming Power Metal band. So, as you may expect, they bring the POWWWAAAHHHHHH!

Obnoxious nostalgia and outbursts aside, Mindmaze really has something truly awesome going on with their music. They place mid-to-fast paced, intelligently designed compositions hand in hand with soaring female vocals provided by Sarah Teets. It's evident that every member brings something special to the table and every second of musical delivery is thought out.

The band also proves to be prolific, having put out 2 full-length albums in 2 years. I just listened through the latest entitled "Back From The Edge" and it's highly recommend you give it a go as well, especially if you enjoy this particular metal niche. Either way, it's worth hitting the "play" button as they have the entire album streaming!

If you enjoy the music, there are several ways to support the band – take a look on Bandcamp and their Official Website for further head banging goods.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp