No Sin Evades His gaze have just announced that they have signed with management group Monolithic Music. Joining the likes of Nexilva, Carcer City, Cold Night For Alligators, Aeolist and Cyclamen. This is a step up for NSEHG as they will be joining forces with UK TechFest Main-Man Simon Garrod.

Yesterday I managed to have a quick word with NSEHG front-man James Denton.

How do you feel about having Monolithic behind the wheel of the No-Sin-mobile?

"We're unbelievably stoked to be working with Simon at Monolithic, last summer we were lucky enough to play Tech Fest and we were welcomed there with open arms, so to be going into 2015 signed up with the management company behind it is pretty surreal."

What are the plans now with this new impetus behind you?

"We've got tons of cool stuff happening around our new video single release for the track "Filth" all kicking off within the next few weeks and we're expecting to be announcing some tours asap too, exciting stuff. Thank you to everyone (including the guys at Circle Pit) for such an immense launch year last year, and we intend on hitting 2015 with equal tenacity out the gates"

– John Whitmore

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