Aaaand yes! Another single from Periphery's upcoming double album release "Juggernaut". This time around the band has revealed the title track of the first part of the release, "Alpha". And once again, we get something uniquely different from the other songs released so far. A solid diversity in the styles and approaches on each song really seems to be a prelevant element in this upcoming release, especially for Spencer's vocal styles. Each song sounds pretty unique in its own way and this one is no exception.  We now have 5 (!) new tracks previewed from the new album(s) and the release date now stands less than a month away.

This particular song appeared on the Sumerian Records' Youtube channel and is currently only available in the US. However, this might change in the next couple of hours or so. Give it a listen below, where you can find all the other "Juggernaut" songs released so far as well.

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