The Faceless may be regaining faces very soon. After literally losing every member besides Michael Keene last year, it appears as if new music may be on the way. Guitarist / songwriter Keene took to Twitter to release two bits of good news recently. He stated, "I'm excited to announce that I am producing the new record for The Zenith Passage. And Don't worry, new Faceless record is almost done too!"

The Zenith Passage is awesome, much like The Faceless. It's great to hear new music will soon be coming from all kinds of places!

In addition, rumors are circulating that vocalist Derek Rydquist who delivered on the band's first two albums may be making a comeback. This is based around Sumerian Records saying, "Bring Back #DemonCarcass." Demon Carcass being a nickname for the ex-vocalist. Ultimately, we'll have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, here are some jams!

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