Tomorrow is the day but now is the time. Xibalba are currently streaming their highly anticipated album, "Tierra y Libertad", through Lambgoat in celebration of the official release tomorrow! It's heavy, abrasive, and pretty much everything you may expect. Great stuff! Or as Lambgoat said with the release:

If you haven't checked out Xibalba by now, you're missing out. The Pomona, CA band deftly blends elements of hardcore, death metal, doom, and punk to unleash a vicious assault upon your ears.

Even better, Xibalba will release their third album this week. Titled Tierra Y Libertad, the LP hits streets tomorrow via Southern Lord, and it should please the band's fanbase, in addition to bringing a whole new slew of believers on board.

But why wait until tomorrow to hear the whole thing? We've got Tierra Y Libertad streaming for you in its entirety below. What are you waiting for?





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