Yes, you read that title correct! The album was released this past weekend and my copy is being shipped. Blind Guardian has decided to create their own wine brand. You can read their description below.

Originated in the Spanish growing area Aragon (where wine has been cultivated for more than 2000 years now), the wine has a total of 14% of alcohol.

According to Hansi Kürsch, it fits the new album perfectly: “The wine is just as playful and fresh and has the same depth. We are all passionate red-wine drinkers and the “Red Mirror Merlot” has a fantastic taste.”

So all you metalhead wine connoisseurs better preorder a few bottles!

And the good news doesn't come close to stopping there! The entirety of Blind Guardian's 2015 album, "Beyond The Red Mirror", is now live for streaming on the official Nuclear Blast Records YouTube channel! It doesn't get much more epic than this \m/

If fully encouraged that you purchase the album if you enjoy this supreme music delivered by Germany's finest.

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