North America! Prepare yourselves for one of the most vicious underground Death Metal tours to hit this year. Boris The Blade and Abiotic will be co-headlining this trek across your continent with direct support from no less than Alterbeast! They'll also be joined by Reaping Asmodeia and Lord Of War!

The tour will begin in April running through May. You can find the exact dates on the flyer above and find music from all the bands below. This is a great time just waiting to happen. You know what to do! We'll see you in the mosh pit.

Boris The Blade: Facebook // Twitter // Merch

Abiotic: Facebook // Twitter // Merch

Alterbeast: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch

Reaping Asmodeia: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // Merch

Lord Of War: Facebook // Twitter // Merch