CHON is one of the few bands I know that had direct influence on other musicians without putting out a single official release (circa 2010-2012). It was just something about the chilled out vibe and the California shred they brought on a whole other level. These types of riffs just seemed to bud in the wake of their emergence. The ripples they made turned to waves.

After sweeping the underground, CHON released two outstanding EPs and were picked up by none other than Sumerian Records. It looks as if that record deal is about to pay off as the CHON are about to release their debut, full-length album "Grow". Better yet, you don't have to wait very long! The album will strike store shelves on March 24th. A brand new song and pre-orders will be launching next Friday, the 13th (dun dun dunnn).

There will be two cameos from beast mode drummer Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders). If you've ever seen what this guy is capable of with the kit, you know this is great news all around. Take a gander over the official tracklist below and peep the promo materials / album cover! Not to mention some jams below that.

01 – “Drift”
02 – “Story”
03 – “Fall”
04 – “Book” (feat. Matt Garstka)
05 – “Can’t Wait”
06 – “Suda”
07 – “Knot”
08 – “Moon”
09 – “Splash”
10 – “Perfect Pillow”
11 – “Echo”
12 – “But” (feat. Matt Garstka)


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