Does anyone miss the days of the florida 90's death metal scene when Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, etc. were pushing the limits on extreme metal? I've been on a personal vendetta to find modern bands with the same old school feel as the bands in the 90's. I stumbled upon Nucleus, a sci-fi themed old school death metal band. They rip their amps apart with their nasty, thrashy riffing and destroy PA systems with Dave's death growls. These guys have done their extreme metal research and figured out how to play death metal properly with the required skill.

Short but sweet, "Hegemony" is a brutal EP blasting you with incredible riffs and old school breakdowns. Every instrument is played with such a blazing intensity not found in many modern bands. These guys even covered a Timeghoul song, one of the first bands known to incorporate sci-fi themes in their death metal (alonside Nocturnus of course).

Trust me when I say this: these guys know what they are doing! I expect great things from this band soon!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp