Though most people would attribute Pornhub or Xvideos as their favorite websites, my favorite has been Bandcamp since I discovered it a few years ago. It has been a platform for many obscure and extremely underground bands to release their music. I have noticed that there have been quite a few powerviolence bands releasing their demos onto Bandcamp. Here are a few bands that have recently released music.

Though this band is more grind than anything else, you can't deny the powerviolence influence in their music. Toxicology's brutality mixed with hardcore creates a great feel to what they do.I'm sure this band would kick some ass at their shows!

Again this band has more a of grind feel to their powerviolence, but it's still great music with high intensity and speed.

Now onto some more straight up powerviolence. These Argentineans know what they're doing! With ripping punk riffs and fast high screams, the