Wolves is quite the interesting band coming out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. No cheese included. They've been going strong for the past 5+ years, building a tight, little discography boasting 2 EPs and a number of singles to boot. Sound wise, they remind me of the band Structures – except with more Death Metal elements and experimentation happening in different avenues. But that description may not do it justice for some of you. This is a metal band pulling from a wide variety of styles and ideas for a solid end result.

This really shows on the band's latest effort "Gloom". It provides 6 tracks which manage to exhibit a number of sounds, all while staying consistent to the band's overall approach. As hinted in the opening statement, it really makes for an interesting listen.

And you can listen to all of "Gloom" right here, right now! The EP is currently streaming through Bandcamp where it is also available for a "name your price" download. Get the goods!


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