Picking up influences from Periphery, ERRA, and Volumes, the guys in Ghost Iris have been working hard to bring about a quality product since 2012. It's safe to say this Copenhagen, Denmark band has succeeded. They've finally reached that point where they get to the release their debut full length album "Anecdotes of Science and Soul".

In doing so, they've developed their own style revolving around classic djent / modern prog stylings. Even though this might not sound that original at a first listen, this band's songwriting capabilities provide some serious quality making it fully worth your attention.

"Anecdotes of Science and Soul" has been released this week, complete with some slick artwork. It also features the first singles "Phalanx" and "Everlasting Bliss", which appeared a couple of months ago on the ItDjents YouTube channel. It also features the most recent single, "Dreamless State", whose lyric video was recently been premiered by BeheadingTheTraitor. You can give a listen to these singles below. If you find yourself enjoying their material, support them by purchasing the album on Bandcamp or iTunes!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes