Somehow, we managed to sleep on this monster of an album last year… To the metal gods, I hope you accept our apology because Hideous Divinity has delivered an infernal crusted gift of death metal once again \m/

Following up their glorious 2012 debut album, "Obeisance Rising", Hideous Divinity released the brilliant sophomore effort, "Cobra Verde", through the one and only Unique Leader Records towards the end of 2014. This is anything but a sophomore slump as the band has proceeded to deliver a supremely powerful effort on all fronts. Tracks such as "The Alonest Of The Alone" feat. NILE's Dallas Toler-Wade, "Salt In The Martyr's Tear", and the title track may just flatten you altogether.

For those of you who are feeling brave, the entire experience of "Cobra Verde" is right at your fingertips, right now. The band has the entire album live and streaming for your listening pleasure! It's fully encouraged that you give this one a go, especially if your ears have a certain taste for Tech Death.

If you enjoy, the album and various merchandise is available for purchase RIGHT HERE!


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