According to reports from the United Kingdom's Daily Record, among other sources, bats are seeking revenge on Ozzy Osbourne. The Prince of Darkness is well known for decapitating a bat with his teeth about 30 years back and receiving a painful series of rabies shots soon after. Now, bats have taken up serious residence on his property with an expensive removal price tag. Karma has proven to be a bitch once again.

Basically, Ozzy has a renovation project on his property in which he wants to turn a barn into a two bedroom house. Currently, said barn is filled with a colony of bats which happen to be a protected species. In order to find the bats a new home, it will hit the Osbourne wallet with a £18,500 charge ($27,000+). This is much cheaper than the penalty of illegally removing the bats. So, as it stands, Ozzy will be moving forward with the project, paying his dues to bats as a whole.

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