Calling all fans of Plini, Cloudkicker, Exivious, prog-heads, and great ambience/atmosphere lovers! I've got something tasty for y'all.

Hailing from a small city in north-central Italy, this duo formed by guitarist Fabrizio Milo and drummer Gabriele Russello, created some music you might just love. They've constructed a 3 track EP called "Still Life" packed with dreaming ambience and some sweet sounds, putting together influences from Funk, Fusion, Progressive Rock and Modern Metal in the same lovely mood. It's just 3 tracks but they still make a 20 minute instrumental EP that will keep your ears busy for quite some time. Especially since each one puts a different part of their style into the foreground: the more proggy or funky style, or the heavier one in the third track for example.

This is the best way you could spend the next 20 minutes of your day. The EP is available for stream on Youtube and Bandcamp so go give it a listen now and purchase it if you like it!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp