The ability to no be made despondent by less than perfect situations is a key life-skill. It is also essential to be cautious and pragmatic about ones responses to any new stimuli. As often snap judgements often turn out to be as flawed as they are quick; leading to acts that cannot be reversed.

Like Fires.

That burn Hoodies.

Hoodies that are burnt because a disgruntled Progressive Metal Fan became overcome by despair at the Progressive direction one of his favourite (progressive) bands had decided to take on their new album.

He recorded the somewhat perplexing act for posterity and posted it on Facebook so the world might marvel at his status as one the last true bastion of musical snobbery.

But really this is some kind of Uber-Hipster snobbery. I mean it is not a basic strain of elitism that insists One Direction are so awful as to be worthy of death or that Miley Cyrus is a demonic abomination, No-sir-ee; This is a whole echelon of self-satisfaction above that.

By burning his Periphery Hoodie, this guy is desperately screaming to the world "My level of discernment is so advanced as to render me the only qualified arbiter of quality, authenticity, integrity and cool. And I am prepared to indulge in childish, attention seeking acts to prove this."

So eager was he for the world to notice his immolation that he posted the picture on the Periphery FB page, where it garnered the presumably much amused response "This is so sick! Thanks Dude" from P main-man Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor.

He was so despondent at all things Periphery that he couldn't even face donating the Hoodie so that it might warm the body of someone in dire straights.

So Metal is extreme music which inspires an extraordinary level of dedication from its followers, but by committing this act, this lad has relegated his own memories to the self same fire. Because regardless of how he now feels about the music Periphery make, they have been part of his own musical growth, his own development not as a consumer, but as a Human Being and as Goethe said:

"He Who Cannot Draw Upon 3 Thousand Years Is Living Hand To Mouth."

You can't go backwards, embrace everything that you have become. Both mistakes and successes, proud moments and ones that leave you cringing. And for fucks sake, give the clothes that you no longer want to someone who will appreciate them.

– John Whitmore