Following the recent mass exodus of members from The Faceless, Michael Keene aka The Keene Machine has been on the hunt for… well… new faces. And the first of many to come has been found! Introducing The Zenith Passage's Justin McKinney as a new guitarist for the band!

This was announced with the following brief statement and picture from Keene, "Please welcome Justin McKinney to The Faceless. You may know him as the guitarist and songwriter of The Zenith Passage. New music coming soon!"


For those who don't know, Michael Keene has produced the debut full-length for The Zenith Passage. And it's only fitting seeing as the first EP from The Zenith Passage sounded like a page taken from "Planetary Duality" in the best way possible.

Should be interesting to see how the rest of the line up fills out… In the meantime… music from both bands!

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