The Voynich Code, Technical Deathcore enthusiasts from Portugal, have just been announced as the opening band for the Portugeuese date of the Mosh Lives Tour. The tour will feature Emmure, Sworn In, Thy Art Is Murder and Caliban, so this is a big step for the fledgling Coders. When I discovered this I managed to grab a couple of moments with front man Nelson Rebelo.

So how did this come about? "Fortunately, it's good to know that hard work – and a bit of luck – still pays off in the music business. Ignotum is starting to build us a name in the Portuguese metal scene and the invitation came quickly – and we've accepted it as fast as it came! It will be a tremendous pleasure and honour to share the stage with such huge names, specially because we'll have the opportunity to show the world what we're capable off and enjoy the chance to get under the radar of the bands we'll be playing with. May 19th, come at us!"

The tour will also be visiting; Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Switserland, France, Spain, The UK and Luxembourg.

– John Whitmore

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