It's no mystery that the Grammys have been steadily devolving into a joke for a long, long time now. Last year, multiple artists were snubbed (they didn't even mention the passing of Jeff Hanneman) and this year proved to be no different. It's an award show based more around an agenda than an actual ear for music.

That being the case, Tenacious D (Jack Black's comedy group) took away the award for Best Metal Performance for a Dio COVER SONG, beating out Mastodon, Anthrax, and Slipknot in the process… All respect to Tenacious D but c'mon! At least all the proceeds are going to the Dio Cancer Fund.

Meanwhile, Mastodon entered the building and left without giving a fuck. They were dressed to impress as Brann Dailor quite literally wore his birthday suit and Brent Hinds was in full on Dodgers attire.

One of the best parts was their hilariously awkward interview with the Academy. Definitely good for a few laughs.

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