A huge 2nd announcement from the beautiful people at UK TechFest, featuring some of Europe's finest Progressive Metal bands as well as some intriguing inclusions further down the list.

As well as European talent there are the highly excitable Heavy Metal Ninjas. This Kiwi instrumental 5 piece made a lot of friends at last years Euroblast Festival and will be looking to do the same in Newark this July.

Added to that are the UK début of Icelandic Math-Feel-Masters Agent Fresco and a return to the UK by Destiny Potato who had to cancel their show at last years event because of extensive flooding in their homeland of Serbia.

Betraying The Martyrs
Agent Fresco
Destiny Potato
The Interbeing
Heavy Metal Ninjas
Agent Fresco (Acoustic Set)
Shattered Skies
Mask Of Judas
Slaughter To Prevail
No Sin Evades His Gaze
The Voynich Code
The Colour Line
Voices From The Fuselage
Bad Sign

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– John Whitmore

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