Anyone remember this band? Disarmonia Mundi was one of the greatest things to happen for melodic death metal during the MySpace era and quite some time before that as well. It was a studio project mostly known for featuring Soilwork's Bjorn Strid on all of their albums.

The project was actually created by the main composer Ettore Rigotti, an incredible Italian musician and one of the best Italian metal producers of those years. Ettore recorded all instruments on their album and also performed clean vocals. Claudio Ravinale, second member of the band, was responsible for harsh vocals. At a certain point of their career, I'm pretty sure the band tried to put together a full line up as well but then went back to its studio form.

The exciting news is that the band just announced they've finished recording an all new album. This comes 6 goddamn years after their latest full length release "Mind Tricks" from back in in 2009.

The band announced this with a video that appeared on their YouTube channel showing Ettore and Claudio announcing it with their ridiculously lovely Italian accents. They also give a tiny but tasty preview. This is a good chance to get excited listening to some of their older tunes for those of you who missed Disarmonia Mundi's awesome past. The album will be released in spring by Coroner Records.

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