King of all things Djent and all-round lovely human, Drewsif Stalin has been nominated for a Metal Hammer Golden God Award. The award in question is King/Queen of the Internet, which nomination Drew has presumably received for his services to Djentilicious Pop Covers, Bandcamp profligacy and droll Facebooking.

Drew himself had this to say:

"Okay… so in a very, very strange turn of events I've been nominated for the Metal Hammer Golden God "King/Queen of The Internet" Award. I would greatly appreciate it if y'all could take a second or two and throw me a vote so I can end my everlasting quest for social validation, confirm that the earth is flat, and quit disappointing my parents. LEL!"

So, lets help this man become the only kind of success worth blagging thousands of strangers to help you achieve: Convincing your parents that what you spend all of your time doing, isn't a vapid and egregious waste.

So go to HERE and vote for Drew!!!

– John Whitmore




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