UPDATE – Adult Swim messed up and re-posted the Season 4 trailer from 2012… breaking hearts in the process. The show's creator Brendon Small took to twitter saying, "I think they ran a season 4 trailer from a couple years ago. I have no idea why they'd confused everybody.", "I have plans to service a final story & music- but not in way fans are used to. That is all I can say.", and "This is the best #Metalocalypse UPDATE I got- get it here:"

Sorry for this…

It's finally happening! The fifth, and allegedly final, season of Metalocalypse will be premiering next month on April 29th! The first trailer is now live and streaming over on Adult Swim.

"We are on the precipice of something great, and it's not just Skwisgaar Skwigelf's ass in those jeans. The new season of Metalocalypse premieres April 29."




While you suffer and wait, here are some clips from seasons past.

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