Press To Meco, London PopCore Power Trio are on the rise. After a summer that included starring roles in both Download and UKTM festivals, they have filled the winter months with the recording of their Debut album.

After a recent club night show at the legendary Barfly, I managed to corner the lads and chat with them about how the magic happens, dream tours and the all important album

However all is not rosy in PTM world. During a recent show, an act of wanton idiocy by the bassist of a support act caused the destruction of the bands Bass cabinet.

Here's how the demolition went down.

"Shout out to the bass player in BRISTOL last night who thought it would be well Rock n Roll to throw his bass on the floor, walk over to his amp and slam the input AND output volumes on full at the end of his set.

We fully appreciate how important it is to look like a rockstar when you're playing small pub shows, but the lack of appreciation and respect for other people's equipment is blowing our minds here.

We're not gonna name drop and spread hate as we're not about that, the band weren't bad either! But PLEASE any bands on supports/kit sharing, just think about what you're doing and show respect to whoever is lending you their gear. We're all in this together and stuff like this hits us so hard, especially on tour when every penny you earn goes on eating and getting to the next show.

Hopefully this kinda thing won't happen again.

Peace and love.

P.S if you wanna help us get a new speaker please head to our site and buy shirt"

Check out their merch and help if you can.

– John Whitmore

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