The great genre mergers of Second To Sun have returned once again! You may recall this band from their sporadic release of intense singles, from their juggernaut like ability, or maybe even from our partnership in releasing "Three Fairy Tales". Or maybe you don't remember them, in which case now is the time to listen up!

These guys have put out a number of awesome singles in recent history, working towards something much greater. Rumor has it there may even be a second full album on the way! The latest of these efforts is "Land of the Fearless Birds" and by all that is good, is it awesome! This is much in the same with their other recent singles "Spirit Of Kusoto" (which has a great video) and "Narčat". Not to mention "Three Fairy Tales" and the album, "Based on a True Story".

If one were to try and describe Second To Sun's sound with a few words, it would really prove to be a difficult task. These guys excel at taking many genres and ideas, then molding them into one coherent package. There are elements of Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Post-Metal, Djent, and, of course, experimentation all served up in an instrumental platter. It's worth experiencing as you should do by pressing "play" down below.

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