Don't forget to sing along.

“Once upon a time, if you wanted to get signed, you had to write good songs and kill it live, open 12 riff into a breakdown, two measures fast and then lets go into a beatdown, you gotta full sleeve? You can kinda sing? You’re gonna be a fucking rockstar, this song took a half an hour to write, a lot of my own bands music fucking sucks, wife beater was embarrassing, my voice sounded like a mouth full of cocks, look at how fast my hands are moving, I can play the intro to district of misery by oceano, elurghwirhlirgtwrntvliwrvnt, I didn’t say an actual word in that last fucking part

here’s some lyrics to fill this part cus I’m too fucking lazy to write, the word “brutal” sucks, how can you call this music? Chug, i wrote this part cus I wanted it to be close to 3 minutes long, and obviously I have to replay the intro riff, yeah all the kids are loving it, you’ve never heard a riff like this before, no, you signed a contract for fucking 12% royalties and you’re stoked to hit the road”

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