It appears as if the "soul draining" multi-level lawsuit between Tool and their insurance company has finally come to an end. They've cited this as one of the main barriers between them and the writing of album #5.

Regardless, they've been working on the album as you can see HERE and HERE. And as they've said before, it's "Progressing Rather Nicely."

While speaking with Yahoo! Music, guitarist Adam Jones had the following to say…

“When you try to be ethical and sleep well at night and try to do the right thing, and people around you are not doing the right thing and trying to take advantage of you, it really affects your creativity and your sleep and your relationships with people and everything you do,” Jones reveals in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music. “We would have had an album out a long time ago, we would have been taking more tours. But we’ve been discouraged and distracted by this major lawsuit, which is the worst thing that’s ever happened to us. It reminds me of one of those ads you see on TV where a guy goes, ‘Have you been in a car wreck? Call us!’”

“It got really ugly and shameful,” Jones says. “This is a real simplification of the matter — but imagine paying auto insurance, getting into a wreck, and expecting the insurance company to cover you. And they come back to you and say, ‘Well, you drive an SUV and we don’t consider that an auto so we’re not going to cover you.’ And then they turn around and sue you because you want them to cover you. It’s crazy.”

You can read more from Adam Jones HERE.

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