Here's a band bringing incredible Blackened Death Metal / Deathcore through hard work paired with humble roots. From what we've heard and seen, there are many reasons to respect A Night In The Abyss. From their next level playing ability to the maturity exhibited on their debut EP, "Theophagy", these guys clearly deserve some ears.

You can check the official statement from the band and stream through "Theophagy" in its entirety down below. Stay metal, my friends \m/

We are ANITA. An unsigned 5 piece blackened death metal band from Brighton UK,

We offer this EP for the sum of £2, less than the price of your average cup of coffee. We're full time students and all of our money minus rent/food goes into this so please, if you can help us by buying the EP we will remember it personally.

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Links: Facebook // Bandcamp