After the recent announcement of their album “Coma Ecliptic” and their impending tour with Animals As Leaders and The Contortionist, Between The Buried And Me have returned to release an all new song! “Memory Palace” is now available for streaming through Metal Blade Records, giving a mere glimpse of the overall musical package to come. You can give a listen just below.



“Coma Ecliptic” will hit stores on July 7th. Pre-orders are now available HERE.

The following statement has been made of the album:

“Once again, the band has returned with an ambitious concept album. This time, the story follows the wanderings of an unidentified man, stuck in a coma, as he journeys through his past lives. Each song is its own episode in a modern day, sort of The Twilight Zone-esque fashion. The unidentified man enters each world and is offered a choice: stay, or move on to the next in search of something better, something more “perfect.”


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