In an unknown turn of events, Enterprise Earth have parted ways with their record label We Are Triumphant. They're now running as an independent band sitting on the release of a new full-length album. As such, they've launched an indiegogo campaign in order to book studio times. And as per usual, plenty of incentives are being given out.

Now, here's the good news. The band just put out a brand new track "Transorbital Awakening" featuring a guest spot from former Rings Of Saturn guitarist Joel Omans.

Here's the official statement from the band:

We have parted ways with We Are Triumphant. We are now an independent band. As you can see our recent video was uploaded to our channel. We aren't going to answer any questions regarding our separation. Please respect that.

With that being said, we are asking for YOUR help! We have our indiegogo campaign running and the perks are more than fair!


Also we released a new track yesterday called "Transorbital Awakening"
Please share it around, as previously stated above, we are independent on this release so fan support is all we have! Thank you so much for being amazing fans we are blessed and humbled to have such amazing people behind us! See you all soon!!!


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