Post-black metal/blackgaze is more of a recent scene started by Alcest that has caused almost the same chaos as deathcore and metalcore to the metal community. When Deafheaven broke out into the scene, they have and still do receive hate from metal elitists who say that metal should have nothing to do with post-punk or shoegaze. Despite this hate, more and more people have started their own pbm projects and bands. My #1 album of the year last year is in this scene. Most of these projects thrive on Bandcamp, providing a cheap way to publish music.

So this is where we find Falaise, brand new project from Todi, Italy. This project features many melodic riffs and chord progressions. Unlike many bands in this genre, Falaise has good production for being an independent project. They're certainly worth the listen so give them a go!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp