South London based progressive Techsters Fraktions have unveiled a stylish lyric video to accompany the release of their latest single Glacier.

Fraktions are a band that have always intrigued me with their beguiling mixture of 'Old Contortionist meets New Contortionist' with more than a dash of 1980'ss shoegaze added for deliriously emotional effect.

There is a real sense of lucid experimentation at play in this, their first culled from their latest sojourn into the recording studio.

If you are in the mood for some genuinely intriguing Progressive Metal, give Fraktions 5 minutes of your day.

The single release co-incides with the launch of their brand new website So why don't you hop across there right now and see what wonders and miracles of artifice have been conjured to amazed.

– John Whitmore


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