Hey guys, Vociferator here. I'm sorry that I haven't been too active writing articles.

But here is an article of a style I have just recently been introduced to: Martial Industrial. After googling it a little, I have come to understand it as industrial music (anywhere from neoclassical to harshnoise) with a barrage of war drums banging. It literally sounds like some huge army is about to crush and you into the dirt. Some of the groups have growled vocals, some have chanted prose they read in unison, while others lay a track of a recorded military speech on top of the music. I have noticed that a lot of martial industrial has a strong 1940's motif. Some bands use photographs from WWII as album arts and feature snippets of 1940's music in their songs. Predella Avant even has a project running during their live sets, showing clips from old films during this era.

If you enjoy listening to experimental music, or if you have an unhealthy attraction to anything relating to military history, then I definitely suggest you check out the bands below. Download for yourselves some free martial industrial and if you like what you hear, go do some more research on it, and maybe start your own scary-as-shit martial industrial and let me know!