From First To Last’s comeback album “Dead Trees” is going to be released tomorrow and their label, Sumerian Records, just decided to stream the entire album on YouTube (after it apparently leaked somewhere in the internet). The band has raised a huge amount hype around the release, bringing Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo into their line up as the new vocalist. This means Spencer has filled the spot that once belonged to Sonny Moore (the man known worldwide today as Skrillex).

“Dead Trees” ranges through a good variety of styles from heavier songs to old-styled, post-hardcore tunes and even the odd djenty passage here and there. As you can hear from the full stream the album, the effort is well produced. Spencer’s vocals fit incredibly well with the band’s new sound. Almost like a glove, if you will.

Some of these songs will easily bring you back to 2007 or some such time dipped in nostalgia. This is especially true of the first two singles released “Dead Trees” and “Black & White”. But the entire first half of the album is surprisingly good, topping any possible expectations prior to listening. This is even true with some straight-forward hardcore tracks like “Straight To The Face” and “H8 Meh”.

The second half of the album really shows off the new, theatrical vocal style of Spencer Sotelo, already experienced in Periphery’s recent “Juggernaut” releases and in the third FFTL single “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good”.

The album is brought to an end through a positively ironic acoustic song called, “I Don’t Wanna Live In The Real World”. This is followed by a gift to the fans: the band’s 3 greatest successes re-recorded with Spencer on vocals: “Note To Self”, “Ride The Wings Of Pestilence” and “The Latest Plagues”. Needless to say, they’re unbelievably awesome with Spencer singing them. All these elements make “Dead Trees” a great comeback.


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