I The Intruder is a Tunisian one man band that was founded in Nancy, France back in January 2014 by Mahdi Riahi (also of Vomit The Hate and Ulcerium). This was done as a continuity after the band Human Scum split up. His style is a mix between extreme styles like Death Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore and some electronic Breakcore elements. Furthermore, he proves to be an all around artist, filming his own videos and handling all areas of his presentation and production. Mahdi Riahi is still very much underground in his endeavors but he shows great promise.

Last year, he put out his debut solo release called "Exilium", containing 4 tracks of blasting organized noise. Now, he's back again with an all new single in "Stridulations" which brings equally as much, if not more, extremity to the table. All of his music is available over on Bandcamp. "Stridulations" itself is up for a "name your price" download! Any and all support here is well deserved \m/

Links: Facebook // YouTube //   Bandcamp