Incinerate just released their third length album through Comatose Music. Behold! "Eradicating Terrestrial Species"! Here's the official press release:

Eradicating Terrestrial Species from Minnesota Death Metal Machine INCINERATE is out now on Comatose Music. Order it at this location.

After the departure of founding member and songwriter Scott Ellingboe, many were skeptical of what the future would hold for this veteran outfit. However, the current lineup – featuring guitarist Ted Isac and bassist Sasha Wilczynski, along with original member Jesse Watson and returning drummer Darren Cesca – has laid to waste any doubts lingering over the band's re-emergence.

Eradicating Terrestrial Species will push the boundaries set by 2008's  Anatomize, yet stay true to the traditional INCINERATE sound with mind-bending ferocity. Conceptually the album is science fiction meets the absence of faith in religion and will prove to be INCINERATE's most involved and accomplished musical endeavor to date. New and old fans alike will not be disappointed and should expect a more mature and evolved INCINERATE.

The band has posted a promo video for the song "Unable to Ascend".


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