The German power metal band, Iron Savior, has announced their very first live album. After being a band for nearly 19 years and releasing 8 full-length albums, it's about time for a live album! The songs were recorded at a show in their hometown, Hamburg. The album will be released on May 29th on AFM Records. Check out what they have to say about their new album:

Good new folks!
Today I have delivered the final audio mix down of our first live DVD ever!!! This is really exciting since we've never done this before. Again our friend Felipe Machado Franco did a killer artwork AND came up with the perfect title as well:
I know, I know there's a Maiden album "the final frontier"… BUT we are doing this Sci-fi thing for such a long time, so this title is a must! Looking at the artwork I couldn't think of anything more fitting. Also the final cut of all the video material is ready and – wow – I am absolutely happy. We look pretty cool, haha!

The DVD will contain the DVD itself plus 2 audio CDs. The audio album will also be available for digital download.

Check out the artwork and stay tuned for more soon!

01. Ascendence (Intro)
02. Last Hero
03. Starlight
04. The Savior
05. Revenge of the Bride
06. Break the Curse
07. Burning Heart
08. Mind over Matter
09. Hall of the Heroes
10. R.U. Ready?
11. Condition Red
12. I've Been to Hell
13. Heavy Metal Never Dies
14. Coming Home
15. Iron Watcher (Medley)
16. Atlantis Falling
17. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)

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