For what seems like long time, Make Them Suffer have been one of Australia’s many interesting, upcoming bands. Their debut album “Neverbloom” managed to put together deathcore, melody and a true death metal approach all at once.

Recently, the release of the new single “Let Me In” made some lose the hope with a sort of post-hardcore twist to their music. After that, the band had to pull out of their European tour supporting Betraying The Martyrs to finish their album and it seems like this will probably be worth the wait. Possibly even more so than we all initially thought.

A couple weeks ago, they came out with a fast and hard-hitting new single called “Requiem”, bringing back the death metal influence and reviving the hopes of many (me included).

Now, the band released another new song called “Blood Moon”, together with a cool music video. The song stands right in between what the band did with the previous two singles. It’s a heavy song with groovy, almost djenty riffage slightly reminding me of Sworn In during certain passages. You don’t get blastbeats, but you don’t get risecore post-hardcore vibes either. It’s definitely hard-hitting and dark, with the female vocals kicking in towards the end to elevate the atmosphere of the whole song.

From the three songs released so far, the band’s new album “Old Souls” guarantees a great variety of styles at the very least. The expectations are big. We’ll see what they came up with on May 29th.

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